Mold Resources

Resdiential or Commercial Fire Damage

Exposure to mold can cause health risks to those inside a property. It is always best to identify and alleviate high moisture conditions before mold grows and health problems develop. Some individuals may experience severe symptoms more than others, but the longer it has to develop, the worse the situation can become.

:: Tips upon knowledge (or suspicion) of mold damage in your property ::


  • Secure contaminated area by shutting doors and heat vents
  • Fix plumbing as soon as possible
  • Call Jim Black Construction to do a full inspection of the contaminated area and develop a remediation plan
  • Call your insurance agent to discuss property policy coverage
  • Maintain low indoor humidity below 50% relative humidity
  • Clean and dry wet spots within 48 hours

Do Not…

  • Attempt to remove mold, clean it, use bleach on it, or blow air on it


Additional Resources

Be Safe! Visit Indoor Air Quality Association The Clean Trust (formally IICRC) Standard and Reference to Mold Remediation

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