Fire Resources

Home Safety- Fire with TextExperiencing a fire affecting your home, community or place of business is extremely shocking, frightening, and unsettling. After facing a fire, it is very important to know what to do to protect yourself, others and your property, from possible further damage.

:: Tips after you’ve experienced property fire damage ::


  • Call your insurance company
  • Call Jim Black Construction
  • Turn off electrical, gas and water
  • Ventilate smoke to reduce odor
  • Immediately empty freezer and refrigerator if fire disrupted electricity
  • Have smoke damaged clothing and linens cleaned by only a restoration cleaner
  • Remove plants from smoke damaged areas and wash leaves and branches
  • Change furnace filter if system was operational during fire
  • Protect decorative metals and water faucets with WD40 or petroleum jelly
  • Clean sinks, showers, tubs and countertops with soft scrub

Do Not…

  • Allow children or pets access to damaged areas
  • Turn on electrical appliances or electronic equipment prior to professional inspection
  • Consume any food items
  • Clean smoke damage prior to getting professional advice
  • Walk on heat or smoke damaged carpet or rugs

Additional Resources


Be Safe! Visit Indoor Air Quality Association The Clean Trust (formally IICRC) Fire and Smoke Resources

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