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Irreplaceable family heirlooms and valuable possessions are often damage to water, fire, smoke or mold.  These situations require home and business content removal and relocation for prompt and thorough content cleaning and restoration.

It is often easier, safer and cost-efficient to relocate the contents off-site for proper content restoration. At Jim Black Construction,  we strive to help return your items to their pre-damaged condition.

:: Tips for your contents after you’ve experienced fire damage ::


  • Call Jim Black Construction
  • Call your insurance company
  • Presoak dishes and glassware in a mild to heavy alkaline detergent
  • Remove 1” of topsoil and wash leaves and branches on all affected plants
  • Have smoke damaged clothing and linens cleaned by a restoration dry cleaner only
  • Make a detailed inventory of all damaged contents with photographs and documentation
  • Do your homework before you hire a contractor to handle any of your personal contents

Do Not…

  • Disturb fire damaged area
  • Consume any food items
  • Have clothing or linens removed or cleaned by a local dry cleaner
  • Hesitate to call Jim Black Construction for advice on how to handle all of your content needs

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