April 15, 2016

ACV vs RCV: What depreciation means for your home repair

Welcome back to our insurance terms series! Jim Black Construction is dedicated to helping our customers understand the repair process, a large part of which involves knowing what you get with your insurance money, which leads up to this month’s topic: depreciation. As we’ve stated before, insurance is paying to replace items with the like kind and quality of products in your home, but everything has a design life or expected expiration date. What happens when items that need to […]
January 29, 2016

Insurance Limits: I need how much?

In our continuing effort to educate and inform, Jim Black Construction has been running a series on insurance terms. (See our previous post here.) Today, we are going to go over insurance policy limits: what they mean, why you should care, and what you need. What are insurance limits? Like the term ‘limits’ suggest, it is the monetary limit of your insurance policy, or in more specific terms, the amount insurance will pay out (minus your deductible) in the event […]
October 16, 2015

Your fall home checklist from JBC

The trees in front of the Jim Black Construction office are changing steadily, so even though the weather still feels like summer, it’s definitely fall. Not to go all “Game of Thrones” on you, but winter is coming. The nice fall weather means that it’s still comfortable while you check off these winter preparedness items so that when the cold moves in, you and your home are ready. Here we’ve provided a comprehensive fall home checklist for inside and out. […]
October 2, 2015

Your insurance deductible and you: How they work together

Being part of the restoration construction industry means we at Jim Black Construction are frequently working with property damage involving an insurance claim. Something that we’ve been noticing recently is that a fair number of people don’t really know what some of the insurance terms mean when applied to their home or business. Between reminding you to winterize your pipes and tips to avoid lighting unintended things on fire, we felt providing a little clarification on insurance terms might help […]
January 20, 2015

A guide to frozen pipes Part 1

Here at the Jim Black Construction headquarters in Colorado, we’re getting into the coldest and snowiest parts of winter. We’ve already had a few negative temperatures and a lot of work come in from pipes freezing, breaking, and causing quite the mess when the water starts flowing again. Since, statistically, Colorado gets the most snow and inclement weather in February and March, here’s our list of resources and tips for how to avoid your pipes freezing, what to do if […]
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