1st Annual Westminster Fire Department Golf Tournament

Jim Black Construction prides itself on its community outreach and involvement. We do our best to support and participate in as many community events as possible, and one of our favorite groups to support are our local fire fighters.


An amazing start to an amazing day!

On Friday, September 9th, the Inaugural Westminster Professional Firefighter Local 2889 Golf Tournament was held at Hyland Hills Golf Course. Jim Black Construction was contacted and we were more than happy to get involved and sponsor such a noble cause.


Jim and Jimmy Black at our promotional tent

We showed up bright and early to set up our tent and get our team signed in. Three members of our team participated in the actual tournament and we sponsored four other local firemen to play in the tournament as well (tough job, right?). We were greeted with warm coffee and savory breakfast burritos (which seems to be a golf tournament breakfast of choice- no complaints here). Our firefighters came in 3rd place, and our work crew tied for fourth- an impressive day of golf all around. We even had one of our Supers, Scott, win lift tickets and a $100 gift card to the pro shop!

From left to right: Our players Scott, Jim and Sky.

From left to right: Our players Scott, Jim and Sky.

However, this was about much more than golf and our final scores. This tournament was put together to support the Colorado Professional Fire Fighters, a labor union that lobbies for firefighters rights concerning compensation, pension benefits, health and safety issues, and anything else that might affect fire fighters. In addition to that, they are a charitable foundation that works to help families of firemen that are in need. This means that any family that suffers a loss, comes into financial hardships or medical issues; CPFF is there to help. After the golf tournament was over, there was a luncheon where the daughter of one of the local firemen got up and spoke about how CPFF has helped her and her family. 24-year-old Kelly was diagnosed with a rare seizure disorder when she was 17 that made it impossible for her to work. Consequently, her mother decided to leave her job to provide round the clock support and care to her. Unfortunately, being a one-income household made keeping up with medical bills and a mortgage impossible, and they eventually had to file for bankruptcy. When the CPFF got wind of this, they stepped in to help. Kelly spoke about how these checks were like a miracle, always showing up right when the family needed them most. She will be receiving her 9th reconstructive surgery in a month, and CPFF will be helping pay for their travel, lodging, and food. When she finished her speech, she said that the CPFF made it so “that my dad can go save lives, and then come home and save mine.” It was truly powerful to hear.


All the tournament players getting ready to tee off bright and early.

Moments and foundations like these are the reason that Jim Black feels so strongly about working with our community leaders. Knowing that our support is being used to help families like Kelly’s is truly inspiring. We would also like to extend special congratulations to Aaron Wible for being so proactive in getting involved. He believes so strongly in what the CPFF does, that he wanted to make sure the Westminster chapter was going to be able to donate to the cause this year, and that is how this entire event came to be. So, congratulations on such a successful turnout and overall event, we look forward to next year’s tournament!


Jim setting up to take his shot

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