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Jim Black Construction owners and staff love a good night out on the town (as proven by some of our Christmas posts). We also love a helping out a good charity. Combine the two and you’ve got the perfect recipe for company bonding time.

On May 11th, the ladies of JBC had that perfect night. Owners Jim & Kristin Black had bid on a Ladies’ Night Out during a charity dinner supporting CASA and that Wednesday was the special night on the town.

IMG_1370We met with our limo driver at the Hideaway Steakhouse in Westminster after work. From there, we were driven to the home of Bob Grant, one of the leaders for CASA in Adams County. Bob treated us to homemade appetizers and champagne. We swapped stories and learned more about everything that they do as Court Appointed Special Advocates.

Then we were chauffeured to the Brighton Fire Protection District’s Station 55 for dinner. Jesse, Ryan, and Cory, the station’s on-duty Lieutenant, Engineer, and Medic respectively, made us a great dinner of salad, build-your-own chicken tacos, fruit and veggies.IMG_1374

For as much work as we do with the Fire Districts, most of us that work in the office don’t spend a lot of time in fire stations, with the trucks, or interacting with the fire fighters. It was such a treat to get a better feel for the day-to-day operations of a fire station and the important facets of the firefighter’s professional lives. For example, this particular station runs three person shifts that each last 2 days, and then they have four days off before their next rotation begins, which leads to the interesting follow up of what they and others do with a larger chunk of time off.

We also got a tour of the trucks and fire station. Because of their three shifts of three people, the fire station has three refrigerators, one for each shift, which the team will stock at the beginning of their rotation, and three bedrooms, so everyone gets their own space during their shift, though it is shared with a member of other teams. Given the area that this fire station covers, it is also significantly more likely for them to be called out for a car accident than a fire, so while the fire truck responds for either emergency, the truck needs to be stocked for a wide range of possible necessities at all times.  Ryan gave us the run down on all the supplies and attachments for the fire truck, including the Jaws of Life, and Kristin even got to blow the truck’s horn! (The rest of us were not expecting it and almost jumped out of our skin.) Jesse talked about some of the changing safety measures, such as how frequently fire suits are cleaned, being put into place to help protect not only citizens, but firefighters as well, especially as firefighters tend to have a higher rate of cancer due to their increased exposure to harmful carcinogens. Cory talked about the ongoing physical and mental training they do in their downtime. In part because of his increased certifications, the truck is now allowed to carry and Cory and the other medics are allowed to administer, more specialized medical care when called out.

IMG_8307Our firemen tour guides wrapped up our time at the fire station with a cheesecake sampler platter and homemade red velvet brownies. We felt absolutely spoiled by the end of it all.

All of us at JBC would like to extend our thanks again: first to our limo driver, who was very kind and accommodating, second to Bob Grant and CASA for the wonderful opportunity to spend this evening out and for letting us a be a small part of your wonderful charity, and third, to Jesse, Ryan, and Cory for the wonderful, hospitable company and darn good cooking. (Also, good luck to Cory in the upcoming calendar selection. We’re rooting for you!) Finally, the rest of the ladies of the JBC office would like to thank Jim and Kristin Black for making the whole fabulous evening possible.

See below for more photos of the day!


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